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Couples Therapy

Find the love that you have for each other


Couples Therapy in München-Pasing

Are you and your partner facing challenges? Do you wish for a vibrant and happy partnership?

Even though you and your partner still love each other, problems can arise in your relationship that may bring doubts about your love or even make you question whether it is right for you to stay together as a couple. Perhaps you have hurt each other deeply or had numerous conflicts, making it difficult to have constructive conversations about the stuff that truly matters.

For many people, deciding to seek couples therapy is a big step to take. However, it is important to know that couples therapy can help many couples, regardless of whether they have major or minor issues. Sometimes, it's better to call in a professional.

How I work as a couples therapist

In my opinion, couples therapy is not about arguing better, negotiating better, analyzing early childhood experiences, or proving something to your partner. Rather, it is about recognizing and strengthening the emotional connection between you and your partner.

As a couples therapist, I primarily use Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFCT). EFCT is a therapeutic approach that focuses on improving the emotional bond between the partners. It is based on the idea that relationship problems or conflicts often stem from unresolved emotional needs.

The goal of couples therapy is to break down emotional barriers between you and your partner. I stribe to assists the partners in expressing and understanding their emotional needs and making it possible for them to connect on a deeper level.

My approach to couples therapy consists of three phases: In the first phase, we work on identifying and understanding the emotional patterns and conflicts within the relationship.

In the second phase, I help you and your partner create new emotional experiences based on trust, openness, and mutual support.

The third phase focuses on solidifying the progress made so far.

Couples therapy can be a wonderful opportunity for you and your partner to strengthen and improve your relationship. It provides space and time for partners to discuss the challenges and problems in a safe and supportive environment. Through therapy, new paths can be discovered, paths that leave all the difficult issues behind and create more room for the love that you and your partner have for each other.

Would you like to know more or perhaps for us to meet?

You can read more about me here and how to make a booking at this site

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