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About Me

Welcome! I'm Erling Andreas, a norwegian psychologist and psychotherapist (University of Bergen). I am passionate about my work and have been assisting clients since 2009 in overcoming their obstacles and achieving a meaningful, healthy and happy life.

I genuinely enjoy helping people, whether it involves personal growth or reducing their suffering. Beyond my professional life, I devote myself to my meditation practice, and I also use meditation techniques and Buddhist philosophy during therapy sessions.

My approach

For me, psychotherapy is very similar to mountain hiking. If you want to reach a summit, you need to consider: Where do I start from and what is my goal? Which path is the right one for me? Similarly, when we first meet for therapy, we should consider: Where are you right now? What do you want to achieve? And which path is the right for you?

Change and Acceptance

The most beneficial outcome arises when we can modify or cease thoughts, feelings, or even behaviors that aren't helping or hinder our progress. However, it is equally important to accept ourselves and acknowledge what we may not able ot change in just the way you want. Without this acceptance, we often find ourselves engaged in an endless battle against ourselves - a battle we never truly win. In my opinion, achieving a balance between change on the one hand and acceptance on the other hand is essential for a good life. That's why I always emphasize both change AND acceptance in my consultations.

My work experience

Since 2009, I have worked with numerous patients and clients, gaining extensive experience over the years while addressing a wide range of challenges and problems

In addition to my extensive work as a psychologist in Norway for many years, I also have some experience in management, including overseeing my own employees. Furthermore, I have offered supervision to other psychologists, assisting them in their professional development. 

As a psychologist, my expertise encompasses various areas, including personal development, job counseling, work-life balance, as well as adressing psychological issues such as depression, anxiety, shame, trauma, alcohol and drug addiction, personality disorders, burnout, and much more.

My background

2010 - 2015

2003 - 2009

2002 - 2003

Further specialization in Psychotherapy with adults. Organized by the Norwegian psychologist association.

A six years education in psychology and psychotherapy at the University in Bergen, Norwegen. (Candidatus psychologiae)

One year introduction course in social- and cultural anthropology at the University in Bergen, Norwegen.

Short courses

(just a few examples)

  • Motivational Interview (MI)

  • Group counselling for treatment of traumas (2 years)

  • ISTDP-Treatment (Short-Term Dynamic Psychotherapy)

  • Treatment of chronic suicidality

  • Psychotherapy in groups

  • Shame and ideals in our time

How to reach me

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